Milo McIver State Park Draft Comprehensive Plan Ready For Review


The Milo McIver Draft Comprehensive Plan is ready for review! Please read it online and share your comments below or join us for a public meeting to ask questions in person. We will presenting the plan this Thursday in Estacada:

Community Public Meeting

Thursday, Sep 12, 5:00 – 7:00 p.m.

Estacada Public Library, Flora Community room

825 NW Wade Street, Estacada OR

If you cannot make the meeting, you still have until October 11, 2013 to comment on the plan. Please direct questions or comments to:

Mark Davison, Planning Manager:
Oregon Parks & Recreation Department (Tel) 503.986.0744
725 Summer Street NE, Suite C (Fax) 503.986.0792
Salem, OR 97301-0792


One thought on “Milo McIver State Park Draft Comprehensive Plan Ready For Review

  1. Love – The new plans for the equestrian camp at McIver, I think usage/occupancy will be higher than the equestrian camp at Stub Stewart, it will be well worth your investment and time.
    Don’t Love – Putting an RV sewer dump site in the equestrian parking area. Not only would it be a serious traffic nightmare for the rv’ers coming in and out, but the horse trailers trying to do the same. Also, on any given weekend, that parking lot is packed with equestrian and hikers vehicles, taking away any of the parking to dedicate it to a dump station would be foolish. Besides, why bother with the expense of it? Estacada has a perfectly great set up dump station on the way to the Timber Park, we use it all the time when coming back from mountain excursions, and have for years.

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