Wapato is a natural refuge with a focus on water and wildlife, so these are some initial ideas for actions under the park plan:

  • Improvements for wildlife through habitat restoration
  • Control invasive plants (Canary reed grass, Blackberry Removal)
  • Lake/hydrology (Open it to Multnomah Channel to become a year-round lake)
  • Gather more data on amphibians through increased surveys
  • Install purple martin nesting boxes
  • Compare wildlife counts and refine stewardship strategies after native plant restoration / invasive weed removal

This natural character can lead to enjoyable experiences:

  • Consider Environmental Education program in conjunction with some groups or the local schools

Some experiences are purely recreational, and part of healthy lifestyle:

  • Consider the scenic qualities including litter, signage placement, and natural as opposed to park-like appearance
  • Review entrance area including parking area size (maintain or enlarge?) and shoulder parking, road speed, intersection safety.
  • Role in river access, role in land access from the river
  • Consider trail management (with wetland boardwalk replacement)
  • Consider visitor use (carrying capacity) and existing as well as other potential recreation uses together
  • Review universal access
  • management issues including hunting, bicycles, equestrian, dogs off leash, sanitation.

And finally, the park has a role to play in the community:

  • Fire and emergency services plan with Sauvies Island
  • Consider getting neighbors, park users and others more involved as volunteers

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