Willamette Stone

Most people come to Willamette Stone to connect with the historic nature of the monument, so one idea for the park plan is to:

  • Improve interpretive support

Even small parks like Willamette Stone also provide purely recreation experiences, so we could also:

  • Improve access for parking and trail to view and survey feature



One thought on “Willamette Stone

  1. I believe the Willamette Stone State park is a small gem in the city of Portland. It has a very unique origin and story to tell. This park needs better signing and parking facilities.
    With a “Story Board” out front and then some “detail Boards” along the path (maybe distance along the path in “chains” which was the measurement used at the time).

    I would also like to see a cooperative effort with METRO to purchase the property to the east of the park. This would allow for parking expansion and the ability to set up some interactive projects for the public. Compass and map trails, township and section breakdown, geocaching etc.

    For school kids and teaching moments bus access is critical.


    Joe H Ferguson
    Land Surveyor

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