Management Issues

During the planning process, people often raise questions about management practices at a state park. What are we doing about parking, invasive plants, fees, etc.  Answering these questions can often be difficult because there is no ‘silver bullet’ answer for most of the park’s most pressing issues. Many comments reflect the value and the challenges of thoughtful park management.

  • Tryon Creek is such a rare jewel and we are so fortunate so many people have had the foresight to love it and preserve it! One thing I have noticed is that the sign on Hwy 43 pointing to Tryon Creek is kind of small, and there is no sign before the intersection to warn drivers that the turn is coming up.
  • We even restrict the humans from this park because of the parking situation.
  • There sure appears to be a need for more parking for all users – hikers, bikers, equestrians, joggers, etc. – especially during heavy use periods such as trillium season.
  • The shuttle bus system that we have been using for the Trillium Festival seems to have worked well from my observation when on parking patrol. Perhaps this could be expanded.
  • Can we charge for parking? Traditionally, Tryon Creek has been free, but maybe we should consider a fee?
  • Equestrians would not hesitate to pay a day-use fee.
  • Enhance equestrian facilities including a potential restroom near equestrian area.
  • Low-income families use this park, we can’t restrict access with fees.
  • There used to be a covered kiosk with a map. But others thought they could come into the nature center to get information. Signage is an important issue.
  • One of the alternate parking areas described could have an interpretive area with a trail to it from the nature center.

Confronting these issues will help identify the best ways to manage the site over time, but not all of the issues can be addressed completely in the planning process … they are more operational in nature. We hope to find the best way to continue to work through these questions and continue to provide visitors and the community with the best park possible.


One thought on “Management Issues

  1. The existing equestrian parking area could be maximized by removing the DANGEROUS, rotting, splintered handicapped mounting ramp which was incorrectly built in the first place. It takes up a lot of space and is a hazard. The North Valley Chapter of Oregon Equestrian Trails offered several times to correct and rebuild the ramp, and later to remove it, free of cost to the state. Why is the ramp still there years later? It feels like someone is dragging his/her feet on an issue that would be a very easy fix. We have been willing to work with you and to help the state for years, but our offers have gone unheeded.
    Thank you to everyone who works diligently to keep Tryon Creek a very valuable asset to all who use it. NVOET is ready and willing to assist in any way. We have members who are chainsaw and crosscut saw certified, teach LNT courses, educated trail users about how to share multi-use trails, etc. Please let us know how and when we can be helpful.

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