Natural Resource Concerns

Many issues that were identified as a result of the Tryon Creek planning process relate to the interaction of recreation and the natural landscape. Tryon Creek State Natural Area is a special place for recreation because of the beauty of the landscape so close to an urban area. This is a challenge unlike any other in the state park system. We will continue to work very hard to help restore those areas that have restoration potential, and protect areas with outstanding natural or scenic qualities. That strategy is supported by many of the received comments including the following:

  • Natural Resources and Invasive Species control should be a major component of this plan. This park has high ecological significance for the Portland Metro area but is heavily infested by Holly, Ivy, and many other non-native species. An increase in funding for natural area maintenance would need to be prioritized. I support this fully. So often those areas outside of the main “people” facilities get neglected.
  • Despite the near super-human efforts of thousands of volunteers, over half the Park remains infested with invasive non-native species. Therefore, I ask that invasive species eradication efforts within the park actually be accelerated as opposed to maintained.
  • More paving for the park will add to run off and water quality issues for the creek.
  • I have a vision for this park as a place for a natural succession.  It’s been going through a natural succession and it would be great to allow that happen without being overly managed.

The outstanding natural features of Tryon Creek State Natural Area are essential to the recreational experience. Oregon’s state parks play a special role by providing recreational opportunities that are enhanced by natural and cultural resources. Many of the proposals in the comprehensive plan are designed to preserve or enhance these resources so that the recreation experience remains outstanding.


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