The most frequent comments revolved around the types of recreational opportunities that will be available at the park. Refreshing the park plan is an excellent time to identify community needs for recreation. Some of these comments include:

  • We don’t have another park in the area. Kids play at the elementary school because there is nothing else for them.
  • We feel there are more people who want to use it but the parking impedes it. On weekends it seems there are too many people – too many joggers.
  • As a horse rider I tend to ride during the week and during school.  This is the only park that is close for equestrians.  I can ride for 1 ½ hours and be back in ½ a day.
  • Encountering horses in the park has a mostly positive effect on pedestrians; urban dwellers come in contact with a large work animal reconnecting with a more rural life style.
  • One issue is the size of the space for horse trailers.  We have to tie our horses to the side of our trailer while we saddle them and there isn’t enough room to safely do this.
  • I found we would run into horses and you have to be careful not to spook the horses.
  • Tryon provides a beautiful riding area and the all season trails are excellent;
  • Tryon Creek SNA provides a close in opportunity to ride; the drive to Tryon Creek SNA is short for many horse owners and allows for an afternoon after work opportunity to ride.

We work with resource experts, recreation advocates, local planning officials, and the Oregon State Parks and Recreation Commission to understand which recreation activities fit the park. We have to consider:

  • How recreation will affect the park’s natural resources in the long run. Do recreation and the park’s resource protection goals work in harmony?
  • Whether the activity is affected by county or state planning ordinances.
  • Whether the activity is technically feasible.
  • How different kinds of recreation interact with each other, especially where conflicts arise.

Sometimes recreational development may be excluded from the plan due to constraints in one or more of these areas. In other cases, the recreational opportunity is possible but will be developed over time. Recreation is always considered very carefully. We have to make sure the park’s natural landscape can support how people want to use the area.


2 thoughts on “Recreation

  1. The equestrian trails at Tryon Creek State Park are wonderful for all of the reasons given above. Another reason is that it is just as good for horses to be exposed to urban life as it is for urban life to be exposed to (well behaved) horses.

    It would be lovely to have a more extensive network of equestrian trails. There is a lot of the SE portion of the park that does not have many trails at all, and has no equestrian trails. There is probably a reason for this that I am unaware of.

  2. Please do keep the equestrian area open at both parks, especially Tryon, so we don’t have to drive half a day to ride! We practice leave no trace in the parking area and are courteous to those we encounter. Thanks for this opportunity to recreate in a close-in area. Sincerely, Melody Fifield Oregon Equestrian Trails member

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