Community Values

Another large segment of comments relate to the place that Tryon Creek State Natural Area holds in the local communities that surround it. While many visitors from outside the region visit the park, the residents of southwestern Portland and Lake Oswego are neighbors and regular park users. We want this park to continue to reflect the character of these communities, so we spend a lot of time on community partnerships. Members of the community have also provided comment and input on the ways the park could continue to be integrated into the surrounding community.

  • What are the public transportation opportunities? This is an area that could be explored. A bus route to the park would be great.
  • How does education outreach become recognized as an express strategy?  We would like it to be included in the plan.
  • Equestrian use has an important historical context within this property and that equestrians helped organize the community to protect this park land.
  • Equestrian opportunities have been shrinking regionally, especially in these urban/rural interface areas.

As the planning process moves forward, we will be looking for ways to work more closely with local groups and interests.


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